In rural Ontario, a trip to the local farm is a right of passage. For many students, it is a highly anticipated trip where they have the opportunity to have a glimpse into farm life. Students will enjoy learning about daily responsibilities on the farm, the growing cycle of our stock, and enjoy a tractor ride through the orchard, where they can pick their own apples.



COST: $9.00 per person
Promotion: One adult admission is FREE with every 4 students; any extra adults will be charged the regular admission fee. Payment is due at the time of the tour.

Maximum tour number is 80 people.
Class minimum 25

Ratio: 1 adult/teacher free for every 6 students

For more information, based on Season:



School Spring Planting Tour
Students help farmer Joe with the spring planting as well as a plant to take home. Every child receives an activity sheet.

School Strawberry Tour
Each student picks a quart of strawberries to take home. Every child receives an activity sheet.

School Apple Tour
Each teacher will receive a bag of apples for the class. Every child will receive a few apples and an activity sheet

School Pumpkin Tour
The class receives a pumpkin to take back to the school. Each child gets a mini pumpkin and an activity sheet.

We also offer Peach tours in August to nursery schools and day camps.


  • We are available weekdays for morning or afternoon tours.

  • Morning tours start at 10 am and afternoon tours start at 12 pm.

  • Picnic space is available if the weather is suitable.

  • Each age group tours separately and the tour is tailored according to age.

  • Schools can bring multiple grades at once to save on transportation.

  • Our tours are recommended for children from preschool to grade 3.

  • Students are to remain under the supervision of teachers and adults at all times, dress for the weather).

    We love having groups visit the farm, if your group is looking for something different let us know.
    We would be happy to design a tour just for you!


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